• CLIENT: Praveen Thakur
  • YEAR: 2019
  • ROLE: Website | UI & UX Design
  • User Interface
  • Media Promotion
  • SEO & Marketing
  • User Experience
  • Digital Branding
  • Creative Design

Explore Himalayas, the company was formed with a pure passion to explore MOUNTAINS and this dream took a physical shape in 2017 as EXPLORE HIMALAYA and is approved by Himachal Pradesh government and DEPARTMENT OF TOURISIM. the name itself says a lot,....by exploring anything new ..unexplored, it add on to ones growth , here at explore Himalaya,we give chance to explore the beauty of nature and, one of the most beautiful mountain range in the world "Himalaya"


Mountains don't allow everyone to climb The Himalayas, The name of the range derives from the [[Tamizh] Him menas coldness and alayas means valley but still this meaning of mighty Himalayas are not enough ,beautiful snow covered peaks,rivers, culture and food are still breathing in the vally of these mighty mountains.One can not get enough of Himalayas. The mountains are known as the Himalaya or Himal in Nepali, the Himalaya or 'The Land of Snow' in Tibetan and Hindi, the Hamaleh Mountain Range in Urdu, and the Ximalaya Mountain Range ( Ximal?ya Shanmai) in Chinese.

About Himalaya

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